Pakowanie pieczarek przed wysyłką


The ROBSON company, apart from growing mushrooms, also deals with their packaging, i.e. packing, completing, placing them in collective packaging and creating ready-made sets. To simplify the whole process, the whole process can be presented in several points:

  1. Delivery of products to the warehouse (cold store)
  2. Receipt and quality control of the raw material (assortment, quality, quantity, temperature)
  3. Packing and labeling of the collected raw material
  4. Inspection of packed goods
  5. Storage of the finished product in the release warehouse (cold store)
  6. Inspection and loading of the ready product on a trailer
  7. Transport the goods to recipients
  8. Delivery of the ready product to the customer

Based on the activities listed above, it can be seen that it is a complex and time-consuming process, but ROBSON, having a modern line for automatic wrapping and labeling mushrooms in punnets / trays, is able to take all orders, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Below we present examples of the ways and methods of packaging our products.