Siedziba firmy ROBSON w Bruszczewie

About us

A lot has changed since the founding of ROBSON in 2005. The direction precisely set by the owner and the work of many people translate into the uninterrupted development of the company. At the moment, we can boast the following data:

our average monthly production

our average monthly sales

weekly number of planned crops

our fleet of vehicles

On the screen, these are only numbers – in fact, they are hidden behind people, their concern for quality, modern technologies and everything that makes ROBSON a stable and reliable partner for contractors in Europe. For many years we have been supplying mushrooms of the best quality, which is confirmed by the certificates we have received for over 50 cooperating companies in Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In the history of our company, you can find several stages and turning points that are specific milestones. Here they are:

Year 2005
We start!

This year, Robert Jóźwiak begins to operate in the field of wholesale – a mushroom supplier. Initially, all mushrooms came from the mushroom farm run by his parents, but he quickly begins to buy mushrooms from local producers. Year 2005 was the year when the first own mushroom farm was built. The farm

Year 2006

Initially, mushrooms were delivered only to the German market (Hanover and Hamburg), but in 2006, thanks to the further development of the transport base (purchase of two trucks) and the employment of new drivers, it was possible to expand the sales market to France (Paris). That year, monthly sales to France and Germany exceeded 100 tons.

Year 2007
New trucks

In 2007, export to the French market gradually increased, which was possible thanks to the purchase of a company’s first tractor unit with a semi-trailer. The owner was well aware of the fact that building his own transport base was necessary as it was not possible to make deliveries with the use of external transport companies.

2008 year
Great Britain

In 2008, another truck was purchased and sales to Great Britain began. The English market turned out to be so absorptive that the company’s activities began to be focused on it to a greater extent.

Years 2009-2011

The years 2009-2011 allowed us to consolidate the company’s position and develop solid principles of cooperation with existing customers, however, the economic crisis in Europe made it difficult to attract new customers, which slowed down the company’s development during that period. In 2011, the owned trucks were replaced with tractor units with a semi-trailer, which allowed for an increase in transport possibilities. The refrigerated warehouse was also expanded and sales to the UK were further developed.

Year 2013
Increasing production

In 2013, Iwona Jóźwiak (wife of Robert Jóźwiak) started her mushroom production under the name of Robson Royal Champignons. It quickly became one of the largest suppliers with over 10% share in the mushrooms purchased.

2015 year
New production site

In 2015, the activity in the field of mushroom production began in the rebuilt building of the former State Agricultural Farm in Stare Bojanowo.

Years 2015-2018
Expansion site

In 2015, the expansion and superstructure of the cold store building with storage rooms with a cooling section began, as well as the expansion and superstructure of social and office buildings with new rooms. The whole thing was opened in 2018.

2017 year
New packaging line

That year, a line for automatic wrapping and labeling mushrooms in punnets / trays with the use of a special packaging line was purchased.

2022 year
We pack even more

The year 2022 is another purchase of a packaging machine for our products.